Tuesday, 17 January 2012

That awkward moment when....

  • Your father in law catches you dancing naked... in the hallway...full on (frontal) running man....

  • Your friends discover your trusty "Boys II Men"  playlist...that has somehow made it to the "most played" spot on itunes...

  • You realize that you accidentally taped the "naughty" version of Napolean Dynamite..."Naporneon Dynamite"  (Seriously, this exists!!  “I`m pretty much a flipping stud”)

  • You burst out laughing (hysterically....unable to stop...snorting and inappropriately pointing) when one of your fat students falls off a bike....

  • You become ungraciously buzzed at the family reunion and fail to notice that your grandparents actually CAN see you making sex faces at your husband.


Random acts of awkwardness ensue on a daily basis, and being one of those people with limited humility and too much time on her hands, I've decided that the only rational thing to do is start a blog.  I'll be recounting my most awkward encounters and sealing them with a recipe.  I'm a firm believer that food fixes everything.  (Yes, it even makes the " naked booty shaking" less horrifying.)  It also probably helps that I believe in adding at least one alcoholic beverage to each meal. Today we are making homemade vanilla!!!!!


Va Va Voom Vanilla

Making your own vanilla is not only fun and so simple, but it tastes AMAZING in everything!  Plus, how much fun is it to say that you make your own vanilla?  People may forget that you flashed them your lady Penelope, but they will never forget your home made vanilla.  (Fingers crossed on that one) 

What you need

  • a pint of your favourite brandy: I'm a big fan of  E&J Brandy VS
  • 3 Vanilla beans (You can pick them up at the Bulk Barn) 
  • The willpower NOT to drink the whole pint when you are bored on a Friday night. 
Once you have your brandy and vanilla beans, the rest is simple!  Just slice your vanilla beans right down the middle to open them up.  Open up the brandy, take a sip or 3 just to make sure it "hasn't gone bad"  and toss the beans in.  If you are feeling fancy, feel free to pour your va va voom vanilla into a pretty bottle (just make sure it has a trusted seal).

Shake up your mixture.  You will notice tiny bits of vanilla bean floating about.  It's normal and absolutely delicious!!

 Put the cap back on and tuck it away in your cupboard for at least 3 months, shaking occasionally. 

Once your time is up, it's time to use your vanilla!!!  I love to pour a few tablespoons in my hot chocolate to add a tiny buzz and a serious flavour burst! 


Awkward Quote of the day

..."so then you said "I lick everything...from little envelopes to big packages." Then you sucked your fingers, showed him how you can fit an entire stapler in your mouth and proudly demonstrated how you are no stranger to the "3 hole punch"....

"Yeah..so just to clarify for me...that was wrong???"

-Excerpt from "Happy Endings" 

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  1. Ooh, I jumpstart my mornings with a little homemade vanilla on my oatmeal in the mornings ;-) *sneaky sneaky*