Wednesday, 31 October 2012


"Just be your creepy self for Halloween."  Done and done.  If your out looking for me tonight, I'll be that creeptastic lady with the wild 80s makeup, giant teased hair and long plaid flannel bathrobe (obviously, I opted out of a costume this year). I'll be the one terrorising the neighbourhood children with a sweet mix of bloody machetes, realistic melting face masks and my treasured lifesize cardboard cutout of the lovely John Stamos.  (Uncle Jesse, you continue to rock my world, long after your house is no longer full....ha ha...cracking myself up over here)  Sorry, too much free Halloween candy snagged from the "please take one" bowl at the Walmart. 

Ahem....anyhoo, like I was saying, you'll find me out scaring away the little hoodulums that dare to enter my premises with intentions of taking my bags upon bags of delightful mini chocolate bars. Frig off kids.  Seriously, nobody gets between the Awkward Baker and her mini snickers bars. I will sacrifice John Stamos if I must.  (mmm..cascading mullet....)
In lieu of a recipe this week, (since I'm pretty sure we'll all just going to gorge on mini kit kats and chug boxes of wine while watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and doing our best to sing along) I'm going to leave you with one of my all time favourite awkwards: Mad TVs Stuart doing up Halloween.  Enjoy.  Have a safe and Happy Halloween.  As a homeless man once said to me (actually, he screamed it across the street while shaking his umbrella and humping the air) "Don't get any on ya". 

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